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Understanding forensic assessments and what we offer at London Neurocognitive Clinic

LONDON, UK, October 19, 2022 / — At the London Neurocognitive Clinic, an important part of our job is to provide forensic assessments. A forensic evaluation is done to assess whether a person has suffered from neuropsychological difficulties or has a new and persistent condition. This assessment is often necessary for legal cases when assessing the extent of these difficulties. It may be the result of a traumatic event that happened, such as an accident that could have resulted in an acquired brain injury (ACL), causing problems with executive functioning or emotional difficulties. We will uncover cognitive and emotional difficulties that may impact an individual’s life and daily activities in the future and use this information to support our assessment and other treatment plans.

Here at the London Neurocognitive Clinic, our team is made up of clinical neuropsychologists and neuropsychiatrists, all of whom have many years of training and education. Where cognitive, emotional or behavioral difficulties may arise, we are able to undertake a neuropsychological assessment to better understand the issues a person may be facing. As such, our team can work as expert witness, meaning the qualifications held enable us to provide an expert opinion on the extent and severity of the problems a person is facing. When we conduct assessments, we strive to be as comprehensive and detailed as possible, assessing an individual’s strengths and challenges and providing recommendations for further care. At our clinic, we offer a comprehensive rehabilitation program, if suitable for the individual, demonstrating the level of expertise in the care we provide. Therefore, when you come to the clinic for a forensic evaluation, you can be confident that we can not only act as an expert witness, but also provide comprehensive treatment plans if required.

When conducting forensic assessments, our team applies their years of training and expertise to ensure a scientific approach while ensuring that each case is handled and reviewed individually. Assessments will be conducted in a professional and objective manner, while taking into account any extenuating circumstances or material stories relevant to the individual or case in question. Our neuropsychologists and neuropsychiatrists are well equipped with the knowledge to interpret the results of your assessments and prepare the required reports in a timely manner. Assessments will seek to understand an individual’s current cognitive functioning, for example due to any neurological or mental health conditions they may be suffering from. An important part of the assessment is to consider these factors in relation to the effect they will have on the individual’s ability to perform daily tasks or on their ability to work. We will take into account the presence of any psychological disorders or symptoms that may be relevant or additional complexity of the case, and the treatment or interventions these may require.

As we have both neuropsychologists and neuropsychiatrists capable of acting as expert witnesses in our clinic, the choice of expert you need will be different depending on the individual case and the symptoms presented. Neuropsychiatrists may present treatment from a more medical perspective, while neuropsychologists may focus more on cognition and the therapies used in neurorehabilitation. However, both specialties are highly skilled in dealing with the emotional impact of any disruption in brain function and considering the prognosis and recovery timeline for any disorder or condition. When you contact the clinic, we can provide support and assistance in deciding which will be most appropriate and suitable for you.

Dr Sara Simblett, Clinical Director of the London Neurocognitive Clinic, understands the impact that neurological disorders or psychological conditions can have on an individual and is dedicated to putting people’s individual needs at the heart of the service. With extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of neuropsychological disorders, including setting up a Neuropsychological Assessment Clinic within the NHS, Dr Simblett is able to provide the support and expertise needed to conducting forensic assessments.

Although many people think that forensic evaluations are only for people with brain injuries, we support a range of different conditions that may require legal action. Therefore, at London Neurocognitive Clinic, we have expertise in assessing and treating a variety of different conditions and in providing medico-legal support for these. Thanks to the team we have here in our clinic, we can be flexible with everyone’s needs, providing suitable appointment times, either in person or online via video call if preferred. We understand that these times can be very difficult for individuals and their families, and we strive to make the process as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

If forensic assessment is something you are looking to undertake, or would like to find out more about our services and whether they may be appropriate for you or the clients you may be supporting, please do not hesitate. to contact us by following one of the methods. below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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