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The Good Counsel Learning Center receives a grant from the Mankato Clinic Foundation

The Good Counsel Learning Center received a $5,000 grant from the Mankato Clinic Foundation to be used for the center’s scholarship program. More than 70% of students apply for scholarship funds that give them access to tutoring services.

“We are delighted that the Mankato Clinic Foundation will continue to partner with us as we strive to empower students to improve their lives. Whether it’s helping young people succeed in school or adults learning English to speak more clearly to their doctor, the Center’s goal is to be there for those in need.” , says Sister Dorothy Zeller, director.

For 55 years, the Good Counsel Learning Center has taught children and adults lessons in reading, language arts, math and civics. This includes speaking and writing clarity, improving vocabulary and comprehension, basic math skills, and citizenship test preparation with an individual model. At present, The Learning Center continues its tutoring services at 170 Good Counsel Drive and will continue in the greater Mankato area after the sale of the Hill property.

The Mankato Clinic Foundation awards grants quarterly to organizations and initiatives that promote and improve community health and well-being in the communities served by the clinic. The Clinique Mankato Foundation is proud to support these organizations.

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