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Stonehenge Covid pop-up vaccination clinic at winter solstice

A POP-UP Covid vaccination clinic was set up in Stonehenge during the winter solstice celebrations on Wednesday, December 22.

It was organized by the Salisbury Plain Primary Care Network with support from English Heritage.

Fifty-six people received their jabs at the Stonehenge Visitor Center that morning.

It was the first time that there was a pop-up vaccination clinic on site.

Jennifer Davies, English Heritage Historic Properties Manager for Stonehenge: “We were approached by the NHS and were very happy to host a pop-up vaccination clinic during this year’s winter solstice.”

Over 2,500 people were on the historic stones to watch the sunrise and over 55,000 were watching it live online.

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Jennifer added: “It was nice to reach the winter solstice milestone, with the hope that it brings to know that the days are getting longer now, a sense of optimism shared at this time of year for years. Millennia Over 55,000 people around the world watched the sunrise live online with approximately 2,500 people at Stonehenge this morning.

“It was a cold morning but we were treated to an absolutely beautiful sunrise. We would like to thank all of our partners for helping to organize a safe Solstice, and everyone who attended for taking Covid safety advice and precautions seriously. We look forward to welcoming visitors during the holiday season and the New Year.


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