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Project Run Madera will host a free track clinic

Wendy Alexander / The Madera Tribune

Project Run Madera founder Alisha Brown hands over a bundle of clothes her group donated to Angelina Aguirre of Madera South. Brown and her group distributed shirts, shorts, women’s sports bras and shoes to nearly 300 track athletes at Madera’s three middle and high schools.

Former Madera and Madera South track and cross-country athlete Alisha Brown is doing more with her foundation, Project Run Madera.

Earlier this year, Brown and PRM were able to donate shirts and shoes to all high school and college track athletes in the Madera Unified School District. Additionally, she donated sports bras for each woman on these teams.

Now Brown wants to help elevate the track in the community of Madera. She is hosting a summer track clinic at Madera South High School July 8-9 from 7-11 a.m. The clinic is open to children in grades 1-12. Coaching will be provided by guest instructors and Madera and Madera South alumni.

Due to donations to PRM, the clinic is free to participate. Register on

At the start, about 65 children enrolled in the clinic.

“It’s a little early,” Brown said. “I expect around 100 kids to show up the same day. We can manage around 500 children for the clinic.

Brown wants to make sure kids sign up so they can get the right size t-shirt that comes with attending the clinic.

“There is still plenty of time to register,” she said. “The reason I’m pushing for everyone to sign up immediately is so I can order the right amount of sizes for the shirts. I don’t want it to be the day and we don’t have the right amount of sizes for kids I want to make sure everyone gets what they would like to have We will make sure everyone has a t-shirt but they may not get the size they want wish if they do not register in advance.

Brown hopes to reach 500 children due to the number of athletes she has previously helped.

“We served 300 kids with Project Run Madera with shirts and shoes,” she said. “It was just middle and high school kids. I don’t expect all the kids from all the track teams to come out. If we can get a good portion of kids from each school, it can be a very good turnout.

Brown has four guest track coaches. Allison Wilder is a professional triple jumper from Great Britain.

“I was on the same track team at UC Riverside. She soars in the air when she jumps. She’ll be an amazing person to learn from,” Brown said.

Krishan Curry is a retired elite middle distance runner. Bryan Adams is a former UC Riverside with Brown and is a Big West Conference 400-meter champion. Tayler Fleming is also a UC Riverside alumnus and is a hurdler.

“I have a bunch of volunteers and alumni coming out,” Brown said. “CJ Albertson said he wanted to be a part of it. People are starting to hear about it, so we’re excited.

Thanks to donations from his foundation, the clinic is free. Attendees will even receive a special surprise from Brown.

“It’s a completely free event,” Brown said. “No one will pay out of pocket for anything. We have sponsors who donated fruit, water, bars. There will also be a little surprise. I’m super excited about this. It’s really cool.”

The first day of the clinic, a Friday, will focus on the technical parts of running like mechanics, forms, drills, acceleration and how to deal with blockages.

“We get technical with it. They will learn strengthening exercises. That’s the clinical part of it,” she says. “Saturday will enter into a friendly competition.”

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