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Peruvian Ambassador to Ghana Visits Soul Clinic International School

Press releases for Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Source: Soul Clinic International School

HE Mugendi Barine, Ambassador of Kenya to Ghana

On December 11, 2021, the Ambassador of Peru to Ghana visited Soul Clinic International School. The high-profile visit appears to have sparked diplomatic interest around the school, as on February 8, 2022, HE – Kenya’s Ambassador to Ghana also paid a courtesy visit to the school.

The visit was another opportunity for cultural exchange, as students from the school presented wonderful exhibits that brought to the fore the beauty of Ghanaian and Kenyan history and traditions. Along with a sign that read “Karibu, shuleni kwetu” which translates to “Welcome to our school”, students at the international school read poems and quotes in Swahili and English that highlighted the importance of brotherhood between Ghana and Kenya.

Welcoming the ambassador was a banner that had the school’s name translated into Swahili. According to the diplomat, this made him feel at home and even assume that the school was of East African origin.

Addressing the pupils and students, HE Mugendi Barine urged future leaders on the importance of being in a great educational institution and the need to take advantage of it in the quest for a better world. He insisted that they must be the change they seek to see.

During a question and answer session, the pupils and students asked about the Kenyan economy, the origins of the Kenyan flag and the difference between Ghana and Kenya, among others. Responding to the question on the differences between Ghana and Kenya, the Ambassador explained that the only differences are the artificial borders. He asked pupils and students to see themselves as a united global front.

Upon leaving, he received a uniquely made Kente garment and the banner bearing the school’s name in Swahili. Explaining the rationale for the gift, school officials said the items were meant in a meaningful way to ensure the diplomat takes home a piece of his or her great experience. The Ambassador expressed his utmost gratitude and reaffirmed his commitment to the brotherhood between Ghana and Kenya before being assaulted by students for his autograph.

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