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Penrith Golf Hub launches unique on-site sports injury and rehabilitation clinic

PENRITH Golf Hub has launched an on-site rehabilitation and injury clinic for its clients in conjunction with Lake District-based organization The Body Rehab.

Operating from Staveley, near Kendal, The Body Rehab is the lakes leading musculoskeletal rehabilitation, physiotherapy and sports injury rehabilitation clinic, and is led by Clinical Director Dr Graham Theobald, who started company over 15 years ago.

A team of 14 specialists provide the full range of physiotherapy services at the Staveley site, from assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, treatment of sports injuries, restorative massage, strength and conditioning, to cardiac rehab and even long covid management, with the facility offering three athletic massage therapists, seven treatment rooms and an altitude training center, as well as experts who take care of clinical exercise programs.

The new clinic at Penrith Golf Hub will offer all of these services, initially two days a week with a plan to expand to six days, with treatments provided in its clinic room and on-site rehabilitation area. This is the first time The Body Rehab has worked with a golf club in this way, as Dr. Theobald explains:

“It’s not the first time that we’ve been offered the opportunity to collaborate with a golf club, but it’s the first time that I’ve said ‘yes’!” he says. “As the largest private musculoskeletal and physiotherapy clinic in Lancashire and Cumbria, we only align with organizations that reflect our ethos and values ​​and that is exactly what Penrith Golf Hub does. It’s a true center of excellence, with a “people before profit” mentality, and I admire their holistic approach. They also want the best for their customers and I look forward to a very successful partnership.

“We are delighted to welcome Graham and his team to Penrith Golf Hub and are delighted to be able to offer this fantastic service to our clients,” added Penrith Director Lee Edwards. “We have a full range of ages and abilities at Penrith, from players in their 20s and 30s who have problems with their elbows and spinal rotation, to those over 50, for whom the joints, hips and knees may have limitations in movement and flexibility.

Together with Graham and his team, we can work with our players to maximize their strength and performance, not just physically but mentally. More importantly, we can help gamers get the most out of their game – and enjoy it! Being able to offer such a unique service takes Penrith to a whole new level.

Penrith Golf Hub was established in December 2019 by Lee, fellow manager Andrew Pickering and John Ingham, and has quickly become one of the leading training centers in the North of England. It remains a pioneer in improvement through innovation and technology, as well as one of the UK’s leading institutions of education and personal adjustment.

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