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Opening of a new physiotherapy clinic at The Glassyard – Destination Chesterfield

By Josh Marais

A leading provider of physiotherapy treatments has moved into The Glass Yard development in Chesterfield, providing a better equipped and more spacious location to treat patients.

White House Clinic shares this new venture with long-time partner One Health, a team of specialist surgeons and healthcare managers working together to provide the best possible diagnosis and treatment to patients.

This partnership offers an unparalleled offer to patients, allowing them to receive a full service of NHS-funded treatments, with patients able to choose One Health as their service provider via the electronic referral system (Choose & Book), as well as via appointment. you deprived.

The Glass Yard is a convenient and strategic location choice for the White House Clinic, close to its former location at Chesterfield FC’s technical stadium, but with even greater convenience for parking and space for additional facilities.

As part of a major development in Chesterfield, The Glass Yard offers patients an enjoyable and engaging experience during their treatment with plenty of disabled parking.

James Walker, Director of Service Development and Senior Physiotherapist at White House Clinic, said: “We are delighted to be moving to The Glass Yard, where we can continue to provide our patients with the exceptional treatment they deserve, in the comfort and a relaxed environment. Working with our partners at One Health, we are ready to provide Chesterfield with even better service. »

Jessica Sellars, Director of Operations and Service Development at One Health, said, “What a great time to work at One Health. We have always enjoyed working closely with our partners at White House Clinic, and our move to The Glass Yard will cement that relationship even further. The real winners are, of course, our patients – with an improved experience for their consultations and treatments, and better opportunities to get the services they need.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the White House Clinic to offer physiotherapy appointments via video link and telephone, with only emergency appointments taking place in person. Despite the impact of the closures, the White House Clinic has thrived and is now investing in new locations and upgrading to larger facilities such as The Glass Yard.

With ten thriving and established White House Clinic sites in Derbyshire, Sheffield and South Yorkshire, and the impressive Glass Yard facility will allow it to expand its services, provide jobs in the area and take on more patients for a treatment.

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