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Opening of a new acupuncture clinic in Castlebar

Acupuncturist Thérèse Nolan has opened a clinic in Castlebar.

By Tom Gillespie

Therese Nolan, an EXPERIENCED Nurse Practitioner, turned to alternative medicine when orthodox methods failed to cure her back pain.

Now equipped with skills in acupuncture, life coaching and nutrition coaching, the Turlough native, Castlebar, started her New U acupuncture clinic in the county town and returned to her home county after 10 years in Dublin.

Thérèse told me: “I have always had a great passion for natural remedies and alternative medicine. This is the path I would have taken to heal things within me.

“I decided in February 2020 to embark on the path of acupuncture, just before the Covid. I registered and went to the University of Bath. The college was open because it was also a clinic, so I was able to study. And I finished them in February of this year.

She added: “I can usually feel when I meet someone what will work for them. Sometimes it will be acupuncture, sometimes nutrition, and sometimes it will be a food sensitivity test or a combination of things.

“I can intuitively pick up things in people. I never knew it was a gift until I started down the natural healing path. I just assumed it was something everyone had. It was a blessing when I was breastfeeding, but now I hope to use it more.

“My new career didn’t just start there. In fact, it started in the 1990s when I started training as a nurse in London. I had a fascination with all kinds of healing, not just orthodox medicine. It wasn’t until I got sick myself with back pain and was on non-steroidal drugs that bothered my stomach and then drugs for my stomach problem. I ended up taking a whole load of meds and it made me see what it was like to be on the other side of the bed.

“I realized that even though orthodox medicine had a lot to offer, I wouldn’t hit it. But I wasn’t getting a cure and that’s when I realized that many patients I I was taking care of weren’t getting a cure either. It was more symptom control.

“This is where my real journey began. I started just out of interest, taking different courses. I had a keen interest in quantum physics. I realized that we were much more than a mass of cells. We are energy and matter and that’s when I started to explore more through energy work.

Acupuncturist Therese Nolan.

She continued: “I found myself going to see acupuncturists when I needed help because they worked outside of my working hours and I didn’t have to ask for time off.

“I took evening classes, life coaching and nutritional coaching courses in Dublin. I am heading to the UK to do battlefield acupuncture which is done on the ears. It’s instant pain relief. It can also do a great detox, among other things.

“I first started practicing nursing because I liked the idea of ​​preventative medicine. Having had certain illnesses myself, I realized that they were all preventable if I had known how. But it wasn’t as preventative as I thought. I was very frustrated and started exploring other modalities.

“When I was working on the outside as a nurse practitioner, I felt like I was only using the ‘tip of the iceberg’ in my role as a nurse practitioner and I had so much to offer with everything I had learned.

“Everything I do now, everything I have to offer the client, I’ve healed myself. It’s not just something I read about in books. It’s something I know is there. really works.

Thérèse admits that some clients may have an aversion to needles, but she assures them: “I hope to invest in a device that works on acupuncture points. It’s a great device and there are no needles involved. It’s amazing technology. I’m checking it right now.

She concluded, “While prevention and wellness are high on my list, I also treat back, neck and shoulder pain, insomnia, sciatica, arthritis, fatigue, feminine issues, sinusitis, nausea, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, headaches and asthma, and much more.

Acupuncture is traditional Chinese medicine and has been around for thousands of years.

It is a technique that balances our life force, otherwise known as Qi, which is believed to flow through pathways in our body called meridians. When these pathways are blocked, it causes “disease”. It is widely known as a therapeutic practice to relax and heal the body using very fine needles. Many people have tried this procedure and are happy with the results.

“Thin needles resembling hairs are driven into the skin. The body may feel a slight pain that lasts only a few seconds. I recently had a client who described it as a “good pain”. It is a very beneficial way to get instant results.

“One of the main benefits of acupuncture is that it improves the general well-being of the individual as well as pain relief and relaxation. It promotes changes that allow for rapid positive emotional and physical changes.

* Therese Nolan has her clinic at Kachina in Castlebar and appointments can be made by contacting (089) 9616623 or visiting

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