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Norwich City Center Dental Practice Closing My Dentist

15:27 November 1, 2022

Patients at a downtown dentist are scrambling to find another practice following a closure announcement.

My dentist in Upper Goat Lane has sent out letters to patients stating that it will close permanently on Saturday 31st December.

A patient who received a letter and did not wish to be identified said: “The dental crisis in Norwich has just gotten worse.

“We are NHS patients with them and have just been told to call 111 if we need another NHS dentist.

“They are only doing ongoing treatments until then. Now we have to fund private treatments.”

Upper Goat Lane dental practice closes
– Credit: John Giles/PA Wire

A staff member at the practice confirmed that all patients had been informed of the closure at the end of December.

She said the practice has been unable to recruit enough dentists from the area and the shortfall means they are no longer able to operate.

The staff member said: ‘Unfortunately it’s been ringing around dentists in the area trying to find another practice.

Green Party Town and County Councilor Jamie Osborn, who represents the borough of Mancroft, said: ‘It is incredibly concerning for existing patients and those currently on NHS waiting lists that a another close firm.

“Norfolk is one of the worst areas in the country for access to NHS dentists.

Green County and City Councilman Jamie Osborn.

Green County and City Councilman Jamie Osborn.
– Credit: Jamie Osborn

“It creates a two-tier system where some people can afford to go private while others resort to pulling their own teeth.

“The government must urgently address the shortage of dentists and reform NHS contracts to ensure everyone has access to NHS dental care.

“If this isn’t resolved quickly, there will be even bigger problems with dental care later on, because delays in dental care can push people into emergency health situations.”

Martin Schmierer, Green Party councilor for the borough of Mancroft, added: “I know people who are registered there and that must be of deep concern to NHS patients.

Martin Schmierer, Mancroft Ward Councilor.  Photo: Simon Finlay

Martin Schmierer, Mancroft Ward Councilor. Photo: Simon Finlay

“A quick look at the list of dentists in Norwich and even further reveals that they don’t take NHS patients unless they have a referral and many don’t take any NHS patients.”

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