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New Weekly Traveler Vaccination Clinic at Borders General Hospital

TRAVEL vaccinations will now be administered directly by NHS Borders at a weekly clinic located at Borders General Hospital.

Visiting another country, even if only for a holiday, can expose you to illnesses not normally found in the UK.

While most people traveling from the UK tend to visit places considered low risk, this is not always the case.

Anyone traveling to destinations considered high risk may need specific advice, vaccinations or preventative medications (e.g. anti-malarial pills) to protect them.

Head of Clinical Services for Vaccination at NHS Borders, Nicola Macdonald, said: “Following a slight change in service delivery, we are now offering travel vaccinations through a weekly clinic at Borders General Hospital.

“There is support available for those who need it to get to this location and our vaccination center team welcome the opportunity to discuss this in more detail with anyone who may need help getting to this location. get vaccinated while travelling.

“It is essential that any traveler has their risks assessed and vaccinated before traveling – it is one of the best ways for a traveler to protect their health. If you are planning to go abroad, it is important that you start seeking advice on vaccinations at least 8-12 weeks before you travel to ensure that your body has enough time to fully benefit from the necessary vaccinations.

Please check the NHS Fit for Travel website to see if there are any vaccinations required for your chosen destination.

These vaccines are provided free of charge by the NHS to patients: hepatitis A, typhoid, cholera and poliomyelitis.

For more information on the vaccination programs provided by NHS Borders, including the process for obtaining travel vaccines, please visit:

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