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Money Clinic Podcast: How I Got a 36% Pay Raise

As the cost of living increases, getting a raise is likely to be the first item on your financial to-do list. So how can you maximize your chances of getting one?

Money Clinic has teamed up with the FT’s Working It podcast this week as we return to one of our most popular episodes: ‘How to ask for a pay rise – and get one!’

In November, podcast listener Max told presenters Claer Barrett and Isabel Berwick how he hoped to negotiate a raise with his current employer after being approached by headhunters offering more money elsewhere.

In this special episode, Max tells us what happened next and whether the advice from the experts paid off.

Additionally, Isabel explores what managers can do to help their teams ask for a higher salary, especially if there’s no budget for it.

This episode will help you gather the tools and tips you need, and also tell you what not to do.

If you would like to appear as a future guest on Money Clinic, please email the team via [email protected] or DM Claer on social media – she is @Claerb on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok .

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