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Mexican Consulate in Boise Hosts Bilingual Immunization Clinic This Weekend

The Mexican Consulate in Boise is hosting a bilingual drive-thru vaccination clinic this Saturday to provide equitable access to care in underserved communities.

The Idaho Immunization Coalition, St Luke’s and the College of Pharmacy at Idaho State University will provide free vaccines to anyone who shows up. Spanish-speaking medical providers will be there to help those who might avoid accessing care due to language barriers.

Kim Guevara, health equity coordinator for the Coalition, said sometimes children have to interpret for their non-English speaking parents.

“Not everything is translated and they just feel like they’re not getting the care and attention they need and deserve,” she said. “There really is that missing piece there.”

A new report from the CDC shows that Hispanics, Blacks and Native Americans are at higher risk of being hospitalized with the flu. They also receive vaccines at lower rates than the national average.

This bilingual event hopes to bridge that gap.

“The reason we have it at the consulate is because it’s a safe space for the Latinx community to congregate,” she said. “It’s a place they trust.”

Idaho Immunization Coalition


Spanish flyer used by the Idaho Immunization Coalition to promote its bilingual immunization clinic at the Mexican Consulate in Boise.

“Community is basically about having conversations and talking to people and, you know, building that relationship,” she added, “so it’s hard to do that when you have a language barrier.”

The event is taking place on Saturdays to accommodate the schedule of migrant farm, dairy and farm workers who work long hours and may otherwise not be able to get vaccinated during regular office hours.

The drive-in clinic will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the parking lot of the Mexican Consulate in Boise. The event is open to everyone, and flu shots, COVID-19 shots and boosters will be provided free of charge, without the need to have insurance.

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