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Meet the Derby beautician who is opening a clinic just for men

A successful Derby entrepreneur will soon be launching a new clinic, but this new high street edition will only cater to the beauty needs of men.

Lorah Davey, 29, owner of Urban Angel Aesthetics on Pear Tree Road, graduated as a beautician in 2020 and took over ownership of her popular clinic last year. She has now decided to open a new place next door in a bid to fight the stigma attached to male beauty treatments.

His company’s new branch, where male staff will provide other men with skin treatments, is set to open in the coming weeks at Pear Tree Plaza. Lorah adds that the atmosphere and look of the building will be “manly” to put customers at ease.

Procedures such as: micro-needling, chemical peels, skin boosters, hyaluronic acid filler injections, other dermal fillers and botox will be offered. Laser scar and tattoo removal will also be offered.

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Lorah said: “Men don’t really want to come for treatment from a woman and they’re too scared to try botox – they think it’s too feminine.

“We were thinking of opening a clinic for manly men with treatment performed by a man. We want to end the stigma. Men can also benefit from beauty treatments.

What Derby’s next men’s clinic looks like now.

“We have people, about ten, who are already waiting to start with us.”

She added that she thinks it was a good decision despite the current business uncertainties, as her field is growing daily. There is also a gap in the market that they have spotted in Derby.

Lorah said: “The beauty industry is growing every day, but there’s nothing for men that we can see in the derby. I don’t know about the wider region.

“We hope this becomes a wider movement, and we hope to open franchises in other cities such as Birmingham, Leicester, Manchester and Nottingham.”

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