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Malaysian Chinese primary care doctor in UK hospital targeted by racist ‘coronavirus’ abuse

“A patient told him the virus came from his species – Chinese”

Scarborough News reports that a Malaysian Chinese doctor who serves on the front lines during the coronavirus pandemic has been the target of racist abuse.

Registrar of Respiratory Medicine Yee Yong See has explained how he and other Asian doctors suffer from racism linked to the disease as they attempt to treat her at Scarborough Hospital.

“I just wish the public would react in a more humane way and not do anything that is disheartening for the many of us in the Far East who serve the NHS as health assistants, cleaners, nurses and doctors,” did he declare.

See, 31, spoke of a Malaysian Chinese colleague who even suffered racist abuse from a patient.

“Another colleague who is also Chinese from Malaysia told me that while he was doing a patient exam over the weekend at Scarborough hospital, a patient told him that the virus was from his species. – from the Chinese, ”See said.

See, who has worked at the NHS as a doctor since 2015, said he was harassed by a gang of young people who used ‘foul language’ while at Sainsbury’s buying milk for his newborn baby.

He remembers another incident which happened a few days later in Boots.

“There was a middle-aged lady looking for pain relievers in one of the aisles. I walked past her, politely saying “sorry, excuse me,” he explained. “His response was outrageous. She criticized me for doing this. I shook my head and ignored him. She decided to go on and on.

Fortunately, another member of the public stepped in to defuse the situation.

“Just as I was about to talk to her, a man stepped in and asked her not to be a racist.”

See urges the public to treat Asians with decency.

“We’re not asking for extra pay or extra respect, but any disheartening attitude is certainly not helpful. On the contrary, a simple ‘thank you and take care of yourself’ would make our day, ”he said.

In related news, the Wu-Tang Clan RZA rapper criticized the “racial fanaticism” towards Asians sparked by the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, an Asian doctor has been fired after criticizing his hospital’s lack of coronavirus protection for its staff and patients.

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