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IUST Communication Clinic: A Definitive Path for the Great Community of J. Dewey and the Ideal Society of H. Mead

Communication has the power to expand the horizons of human beings in relation to their evolving societal and psychological tribulations. It has the power to solve key problems just by communicating with people for better results. The term ‘Communication’ does not only imply the exchange of messages but also the panorama of social psychiatry, social psychology, philosophical imperatives and so on.

Intrapersonal and interpersonal communications play a mandatory role in achieving the goals of communication determinism.

There is a huge divergence between social psychology and individual psychology, but communication holds the power to intertwine them. However, the binding agent is semiotics (sign and symbol language). Communication reflects a person’s motivations, experiences and core values. It should be noted that communication is a vital issue in understanding behaviorism. Intrapersonal communication arises from our awareness or instinctual instincts by which we regulate our actions and their possible outcomes.

It has been observed that communication difficulties are strongly associated with behavior problems, thus, communication has a direct link with the psychology of thoughts and actions. The Royal College of Speech-Language Pathologists in the UK reiterated this in one of their fact sheets titled ‘Understanding the Links Between Communication and Behavior’. The fact sheet points out that “81% of children with emotional and behavioral disorders (BBD) have significant unidentified communication needs. Children with persistent and severe driving problems are about three times more likely to have low verbal ability than children with low risk of driving problems. ‘ From the data in the fact sheet, it is quite evident that we need a communication clinic to adequately meet the communication needs of children and students.

With this notion in mind, the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at the Islamic University of Science and Technology of Awantipora, under the leadership of Dr Mujeeb Liyakat, is setting up a “communication clinic.” The vision of this “Communication Clinic” conforms to Dewey’s theory of “the great community”. The goal of the clinic is to provide a safe, secure and welcoming space for students from across the valley. With the aim of remedying vulnerabilities, expressing their views and expanding collective consciousness, this clinic will design, promote and support various communication activities in harmony with the vision. University community radio can be used in a positive way to propagate the ideas, thoughts, observations and experiences of students. This will help society as a whole, paving the way for the “Greater Dewey Community”.

Dr Mujeeb Liyakat (HOD, DJMC) is familiar with hundreds of communication theories. He wants to use this information to develop ideal habits in students that could help them overcome obstacles through communication, thus fostering a critical thinking process in them. Due to post-modernism and neo-capitalism, our society experiences a moral panic which causes the collapse of the social order. Youth are victims of such a decaying social order. Thus, an ideal society can be created to achieve social growth that will advocate free association under various conditions to achieve the goals of the “communication clinic”.

The Frankfurt School said that due to the new industrial society, “false needs” are being created to mask “real needs”. These false needs have altered the values ​​and virtues of humans. This diminished their critical thinking, thereby affecting the social order and creating a psychosis of fear in society. The creation of false needs has given rise to four unpleasant factors: (a) Labor (b) Aggression (c) Injustice (d) Misery. This in turn created a world of “genuine fake”. Thus, it is necessary to provide the students with the repository of the “Genuine Truth” so that Gen Zs and Millennials can step out of the world of the genuine false. The university’s “Communication Clinic” has this as one of its main goals.

Since we live in the age of COVID, the human psyche has paid the price. In order to help individuals in affected communities, clinic participants will engage in various outreach programs to uplift society as a whole. Herbert Mead’s “Mind, Self and Society” emphasizes that “the more one could describe the processes of the individual in terms of the central nervous system, the more one would use the model that one found in the central nervous system to interpret conduct. . What I am emphasizing is that the patterns found in the central nervous system are patterns of action – not of contemplation, not of appreciation as such, but patterns of action. . The vision of the University’s “Communication Clinic” revolves around this ideology.

Empire and Communications by Harold Innis asserts that “the concepts of time and space reflect the importance of media for civilization. History has proven to us that, when used correctly, media and communication can make or break a nation and exert significant influence over human resource. By speaking to the young people of the valley, we are serving posterity. The communication clinic is like a time capsule, the one we bury for ourselves and for posterity.

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at IUST through the Communication Clinic aims to develop the collective consciousness of students and help them to rely solely on it. It is how the university contributes to the evolution of generations and plays a positive catalytic role in the advancement of society as a whole. We can even go so far as to say that the future of the beneficiaries will be promising. Because, as Aldous Huxley says in his book “The Art of Seeing”, “Consciousness is only possible through change; change is only possible through movement.

(The author is a columnist for RK. He has a Doctor of Philosophy in Journalism and Mass Communication from IUST, Awantipora. He can be contacted at: [email protected])

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