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Insta-Scan clinic owners overwhelmed by couple’s generosity after offering to help

A couple who own their own business and are currently expecting their first child have offered to help a 4D ultrasound center after it was rated ‘in need of improvement’.

However, directors at Padiham-based firm Bowland IT, who are expecting their baby in the next few weeks, have decided to offer their help after hearing the disappointing news.

Oliver Alcock and Jenna Healey from Clitheroe visited the clinic for a 4D scan and said Padiham’s Instascan 4D Baby owners Richard Warriner and Vicky Deaville gave them the best scanning experience throughout. their pregnancy so far.

Oliver Alcock and Jenna Healey, owners of Bowland IT

Oliver said: “It was a shock that the CQC would mark them so heavily due to paperwork issues.

“I contacted Richard and Vicky following the news about the bad score, to see if we could help from an IT point of view.

“It was clear not only from the visit, but from the communication regarding this news article that the couple have put their heart and soul into this small business and have visions to expand it to multiple locations.

“I explained to them not to let this score knock them down, and I offered to help them with their IT and GDPR documents.”

Lancashire Telegraph: owners of Instascan 4D Baby, Richard Warriner (Sonographer) and Vicky Deaville (Company Administrator)Instascan 4D Baby Owners Richard Warriner (Sonographer) and Vicky Deaville (Business Administrator)

Instascan 4D Baby is run by Richard, who is an NHS registered sonographer with 25 years experience, and his wife Vicky.

Richard and Vicky are a husband and wife team, who started their business in 2020 and have gained a loyal following and received rave five-star reviews.

Vicky said she was “gutted” when she received the “needs improvement” rating, but was overwhelmed by the generosity of the community, especially when Oliver and Jenna offered to help. improve the score.

She said: “Oliver sent me on Facebook saying how much they enjoyed their scans with us and thought we were absolutely amazing so they wanted to help.

“So they’re going to do an online booking system, I also didn’t want to lose the personality of the business by doing it online, but he’s going to help with that as well.

“I hope we can open a second store and everything will be fine. But the customer support has been fantastic and it’s been such an emotional time. And with the community and businesses coming together to help out, it’s just a really positive thing.

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