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Illume: new beauty clinic and academy in Dimapur | MorungExpress

Ayinla Chuba Founder and owner of the upcoming Illume-Beauty Clinic and Academy.

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Dimapur | July 9th

Dimapur is set to witness the launch of Illume, a beauty clinic and academy offering cosmetic and semi-permanent makeup services that have caught the eye of the beauty industry.

Located in Half Nagarjan, Dimapur, Illume Beauty Clinic and Academy is passionate about helping clients improve their appearance and health through innovative beauty services.

Founder and owner Ayinla Chuba started as a semi-permanent makeup artist in 2017, with the launch of “Brows and Lashes” specializing in semi-permanent makeup. Over the years, she has built up a stable clientele not only in Nagaland but in other northeastern states like Manipur, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh to name a few.

She went on to become certified as a beautician after training in Seoul, South Korea in 2019, and is now looking forward to the launch of her new business, Illume—Beauty Clinic and Academy.

The training program
Speaking about the launch project, Ayinla told Morung Express that the Academy is a way to give back to the community and contribute to the economy of the state. She noted that there are many people who spend a lot of money to go out of state to train and also those who want to train but cannot afford the expense. “I want to bridge the gap and provide training and certification here in Dimapur itself,” she said.

Along with this, the Academy will also provide training on how to start and run a business in the beauty industry. It will be a good opportunity for those who wish to open their own business in this industry, she added.

According to Ayinla, the courses will be open to everyone and even medical professionals like doctors and nurses can take the courses and improve their skills. People who have taken the courses will also have easier access to imported beauty and cosmetic products and machines, as the clinic has also linked up with registered and approved suppliers, she added.

The soon-to-be-launched Academy will teach students the basics of semi-permanent makeup services like microblading, BB Glow, lash enhancement, scalp micropigmentation, skin blemish micropigmentation, as well as safety practices and hygiene, among others. The clinic will cater to walk-in clients seeking any type of skin treatment, hair restoration and other skin and cosmetic treatments.

In terms of certification and training at the Academy, Ayinla informed that she has teamed up with master beautician and trainer Kim Donggyu from KSMP South Korea who is the master representative for India.

Master Kim is one of the most renowned trainers in semi-permanent makeup and has many responsibilities including being the ISPN, International Tatooist License Issuer; KSMP Master Class Certificate Issuer; and a judge for the Korea National SMP competition. He is also the publisher of the KSMP English training book and the manufacturer of the all-in-one SMP cordless machine, among others.

Not just to make money
Although excited about the expansion of her business, Ayinla also noted that the attitude towards her work was generally negative. In this regard, she believed that self-care and self-care not only contribute to outward appearance, but also play an important role in boosting self-confidence and happiness. While some people may consider ongoing procedures like removing acne scars, pigmentation marks, or other similar skin irregularities to be futile; for the person having the procedure, it may be something they are unsure about, and “if I can help even one client get rid of their insecurities through my work, so I’m happy,” she added.

“Earning a living is certainly a big part of the business; however, more so, I make a conscious effort not to push unrealistic beauty standards for any of my clients,” she also pointed out.

Along these lines, Ayinla also noted that not all treatments work the same for every client. According to her, most people develop skin problems due to underlying health conditions and it is important that these problems are identified and treated. As such, Ayinla has enlisted the services of a dermatologist who will be available for consultations so that clients are better informed about the treatment or procedure that would be best for them.

“As a business, it’s obviously practical and profitable for me to continue recommending and performing expensive procedures. But that’s not how I want to run my facility,” she pointed out. more than helping others look and feel their best, it’s also about building personal connections and trust with my clients, she added.

Insisting on ethical business practices, Ayinla added, “It is thanks to this that I was able to retain the same customers who came to see me in 2017, and I hope this will continue for a long time.”

Illume—Beauty Clinic and Academy is located at Peheile Place, 2nd Floor, Kuda village, Half Nagarjan, Dimapur and will be launched on July 11.

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