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How a Dewsbury Health Clinic is helping women conceive naturally

Robyn Sykes believes her two children were both conceived through cupping therapy.

Clinic owner Amara Deen believes natural cupping therapy has helped many of her clients conceive naturally.

Amara said: “We are now over about 300 babies who have been conceived using the therapy.”

A natural therapy, hijama (cupping) is a relaxing, painless treatment that helps relieve pain and illness.

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Hijama (cupping) is a relaxing and painless treatment that helps relieve pain and illness.

For single use, suction cups are placed mainly on the back but can also be placed directly where the pain is. Cupping detoxifies all internal organs such as the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, digestive and reproductive organs.

A small incision is made in the skin and the suction cup draws out the blood that is between the skin and the muscle. This blood accumulates toxins when it sits between the skin and the muscles, causing problems.

Robyn Sykes, who believes she conceived her two children through cupping therapy, said: “I started trying for a baby in February 2018.

“I went to see Amara in June 2018 for a session, she noticed that the area the reproduction is associated with was ‘blocked’ which showed up as bubbles in the cupping.

“I then got a positive pregnancy test the next cycle.

“Fast forward two years, I decided to try for another baby. I started trying in April 2020 and decided to visit Amara for another reason, hoping it would provide some relief. my ovulation pains so i went to see her in june 2020 and low and behold a cycle later i was pregnant again!

“I believe both times the reason I conceived so quickly was because of the treatment.”

Amara has been practicing cupping therapy for over five years now and has helped many people with pain, illness and infertility.

Amara said: “The treatment is effective for someone with headaches, someone with a personality disorder or someone who cannot conceive – it goes completely all over the place.

“I have had many women come to the clinic who have had no periods, going from months to a few years without periods.

“We then had women come forward and say ‘I didn’t have a period and now I’m pregnant.’

“What I tell women now is that if they come in for treatment first, then every month of your cycle, for six months, have two cups in the back and two cups in the front.

“What this will do is remove any type of natural blockage. It will also encourage healing in that area.

“As long as the couples have gone to the doctor and there’s nothing medically wrong, that’s when a lot of people show up at my door.

“I’m still very aware because most couples in this position are really vulnerable and they can be taken advantage of.

“There are despicable therapists out there promising and charging a fortune, that’s the complete opposite of what I want to encounter.

“I always say yes, we have huge success but we also have a lot of women who have done the whole six months and they haven’t conceived – one glove doesn’t fit all.”

Cupping costs £40 per session, but when women opt for infertility treatment after the first session, Amara reduces the price to £25 per session.

The Perfect Hijama Clinic is located at 53 Ouzelwell Crescent, Dewsbury, WF12 9ET.

For more information and to book an appointment visit

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