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Floss for work around the house with these easy tricks

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of dental floss many times, but did you know that flossing can help with more than just clean teeth? With just one dental floss, you can cut out the perfect piece of cake, tie the clasp on a bracelet with one hand, and much more, thanks to these housework dental floss hacks!

For these hacksYou will need:

Dental floss To hack 1: Cut perfect cake layers

Use dental floss to cut even layers of cake. Stick toothpicks around the perimeter of the cake to use as height markers, then wrap the dental floss around the cake and pull to slice it.

Dental Floss Hack 2: Remove a Stuck Ring With your finger

Remove a jam Ring your finger using dental floss. Simply thread the wire under the Ringthen grab both ends and unscrew the ring.

Dental Floss Hack 3: Take Off Food From the baking tray

Use dental floss to easily remove stuck-on food from a baking tray. Wrap the dental floss around the bottom of the stuck food, then gently pull and wiggle the two ends from side to side to remove it from the tray.

Dental floss Tip 4: Tie a bracelet with one hand

Fixing the clasp on a bracelet has never been so easy, thanks to this dental floss hack. Simply thread the wire through the jump ring at one end of the bracelet, then wrap the bracelet around your wrist while holding the jump ring in place with both ends of the wire to secure the clasp.

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