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ExSeed’s Male Fertility Test Approved by UK Clinic

A home male fertility test developed by ExSeed Health received the seal of approval from the Agora Clinic in Brighton. In addition to speeding up fertility investigations, the app-based test also encourages more couples to undergo comprehensive fertility treatment, as men are now less reluctant to seek help.

The test received an overall rating of 9/10 for ease of use, accuracy and quality of service from Agora Clinic, which has been using it for nearly two years. The ExSeed device is given to male patients as part of their fertility package and allows them to test and monitor their sperm quality at home. The clinic then uses the results of the device to decide on the best treatment regimen.

Agora Clinic says the device saves clinical staff about 1.25 hours of time per semen analysis because it automates much of the process, freeing up lab technicians to focus on more analysis. complex. Patients also save on travel time – as all tests are performed from home – and spend less time waiting for each semen analysis.

The home fertility test analyzes a semen sample using the ExSeed app and even displays a live video of the semen sample on the patient’s phone. The test assesses total motile sperm count by measuring volume, motility and concentration as accurately as fertility clinics. It also compares the results with an extensive semen sample database to give an analysis of the results and offer a personalized training program to improve them.

George Koustas, Director of Embryology at the Agora Clinic, said: “Our staff find it easy to explain to patients how to use the ExSeed device, and patients tend to prefer the experience of testing with the device over home rather than the more stressful situation for men of testing at a fertility clinic.”

Morten Ulsted, co-founder and CEO of ExSeed Health, added, “Overall, the ExSeed device has been very well received at the Agora Clinic and it helps overcome the traditional reluctance of men to seek help with fertility issues. Semen analysis is a crucial step on a couple’s fertility journey, and men are much more comfortable having semen analysis done in the privacy of their home. As a result, the Agora Clinic is seeing less resistance from men to seek comprehensive fertility treatments with their partners.

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