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‘Disgusting’: Scottish Family Party plans to protest at Sandyford Clinic

A FRINGE political party in Scotland has been branded ‘disgusting’ after announcing plans to protest outside a sexual health clinic.

The Scottish Family Party, which ran unsuccessfully in both 2021 holyrood elections and 2022 municipal elections, said he was planning a protest outside the Sandyford Clinic.

The NHS Clinic, Glasgow, provides specialist sexual health care, including vasectomy, abortion and gender services. It has been the target of anti-abortion activists in recent months, becoming a key battleground in the drive to install protest “buffer zones” around such facilities.

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Scottish Green MP Gillian Mackay has proposed a bill that will create neutral zones around sexual health clinics where protesting is banned.

Asked during a livestream earlier this week if there were any protests outside Sandyford being organised, Richard Lucas of the Scottish Family Party (below left) said: ‘We need to do this , is not it? Yes. We’ll get there soon.

The National:

Niall Fraser (top right), who failed to become an MSP with George Galloway’s ‘All For Unity’ party in 2021, added: ‘It must be done. Every child who walks through the door of Sandyford in order to get hormones or surgery is a failed child.

The Scottish Family Party later clarified that its objections to the clinic also included its abortion services (referred to as “killing unborn children”) and “the administration of immoral, vulgar and corrupting sex”. education resources recommended by the Scottish Government”.

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Green MSP Mackay said any activists targeting Sandyford or other medical facilities were “acting in a disgraceful manner”.

She continued, “They try to intimidate and harass people, and dissuade them from accessing health care.

“For any so-called political party to do this and brag about it online is disgusting. Yet time and time again the Scottish Family Party has made it clear that there is no low they will not fall to .

“No one should have to suffer these cruel attacks on their right to health care. They are dead wrong, and my MP’s bill will stop them for good.”

In response, Lucas accused the Green vegetables to have “extreme views” and said they wanted to see “babies torn from limb to limb just before birth”.

“How strange that some think the Greens are the good guys and we are the bad guys,” he added.

The Scottish Family Party further confirmed it was planning protest action, but said it would ‘probably’ involve filming a video or ‘bringing people together for a protest outside the [Sandyford] clinic opening hours.

At SNPAt the October conference, party members voted overwhelmingly to pass a motion that sought to “ensure that national buffer zone legislation is enacted to protect those attending health clinics/hospitals in reproduction offering abortion services”.

The Scottish government has pledged to support Mackay in its attempts to establish buffer zones after a number of high-profile protests – sometimes described as “vigils” by participants.

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Last month, MPs from westminster supported proposals to introduce buffer zones around abortion clinics and hospitals in England and Wales.

In this case, a buffer zone would apply to an area within 150 meters of any part of an abortion clinic or an access point to any building or site containing an abortion clinic.

The UK Supreme Court is currently considering whether a bill in Northern Ireland which seeks to introduce such buffer zones “does not fall within the legislative jurisdiction of the Northern Ireland Assembly because it interferes disproportionate to the rights of people who wish to express their opposition to the provision of abortion treatment services”.

Mackay previously told the National that, according to the court’s ruling, he could present a ‘huge problem’ for efforts to introduce such buffer zones in Scotland.

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