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“My abortion clinic was burned down – fanatics don’t hesitate to take life”

Once a safe haven for women going through the heartbreak of terminating their pregnancies, now there is nothing left but an empty lot.

Five months ago, staff at Planned Parenthood in Knoxville, Tennessee, waited to welcome patients to their newly renovated health center.

The £1.8million project included consultation services, procedures and modern recovery rooms that were set to help thousands of women.

However, on New Year’s Eve, an arson attack razed the building.

It had become the latest statistic in nearly 50 years of extreme violence in the United States by rabid, sometimes deadly, pro-life activists against abortion doctors.

It was not the first time the establishment – or its staff – had been targeted.

Last year, someone shot through the clinic’s entrance doors, leaving bullet holes in the reception area.

Abortion clinic in Knoxville, Tennessee destroyed in fire

It happened on January 22, 2021, the 48th anniversary of Roe v Wade, the United States Supreme Court decision that protected the right to abortion in 1973.

But this week, a leaked draft ruling showed top US justices set to overturn the landmark verdict, sending panic across states.

Tennessee nurse practitioner Jennifer Wiley, who wanted to use her real name when discussing the attacks, said: “These fanatics won’t think of taking someone’s life when their movement is to protect the one who doesn’t. is not yet born.”

For 18 years, the mum-of-three worked at several women’s centers, providing a ‘safe, non-judgmental environment’ for women seeking abortions.

Leaked document said Roe v Wade could be overthrown

She said she had “lost count” of the number of women who nearly died after unlawful dismissal, including a 19-year-old who stuck a knife in herself.

Jennifer, 47, who quit nursing after her then 11-year-old son received a threat after his mother’s job was discovered by another parent at school, fears dangerous layoffs don’t come back.

If Roe v Wade is overturned, thousands of people would be deprived of their reproductive rights, including victims of rape and incest.

The potential verdict leaves staff, who face harassment, harassment and death threats, in fear that one of them could be killed.

Colleen McNicholas, chief medical officer for Planned Parenthood of the St Louis and Southwestern Missouri area, is under no illusions. Already seeing a rise in violence, she believes it coincides with new state laws restricting abortion and polarizing politics.

Doctors and nurses — many of whom live out of state, travel weekly for work, and change hotels most nights — often receive surveillance training to detect threats.

Melissa Fowler, campaign manager at the National Abortion Federation, said the organization keeps its members safe.

Anti-abortion activists hold a rally against federal funding of Planned Parenthood in front of the US Capitol in 2015


Getty Images)

She said it “is likely to see an increase in harassment and violence by extremists” who are emboldened by the new legislation.

New figures from the NFA show that abortion providers reported an increase in death threats and threats of harm, from 92 in 2019 to 200 in 2020.

There was a 125% year-on-year increase in reports of assaults and assaults outside clinics, while internet harassment, hate mail and harassing phone calls increased. soared.

The pandemic has slightly reduced pickets outside the centers, but in the past there have been 41 bombings and 173 arson attacks.

A total of 11 people were murdered, with 17 attempted murders.

The first murder was that of gynecologist David Gunn, who was shot dead in March 1993 during a protest in Pensacola, Florida. Michael Griffin was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison

In November 2015, three people died and several were injured in a shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs.

After a standoff, police SWAT teams launched armored vehicles into the lobby of the building.

Chris Bucktin in Knoxville

Suspect Robert Lewis Dear Jr had previously acted against other clinics and called himself a ‘baby warrior’.

He was deemed unfit to stand trial and is now being held in a mental hospital indefinitely.

The shooting was close to home for Dr. Warren Hern, 83, who for 47 years has served Colorado women from his clinic in Boulder.

Before Roe v Wade he thought too many women were dying because of illegal dismissals which is why he started his practice.

Dr Hern said: “When I started out as the founding medical director of a non-profit clinic, I faced hostility even from many members of the medical community.

The West Alabama Woman’s Center abortion clinic in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

“My request for hospital privileges was met with fierce opposition until an obstetrician, who had seen too many women die from illegal abortion, backed me.

“I have the right to admit patients to the hospital if necessary.”

Dr. Hern talks about her life and how the anti-abortionists tried to take her.

In 1988, five shots were fired through his office windows, leading patients and staff now protected by bulletproof glass.

In 1991, activist Randall Terry rallied his supporters around Dr. Hern and prayed for his execution. The doctor’s family was often protected by armed police.

The New Foundations of Knoxville Planned Parenthood

He says that if Roe v Wade is cancelled, thousands of women would face life-threatening situations.

Speaking about his practice and the threats to his life, Dr Hern said: “I was doing my part to make the Roe v Wade decision meaningful but, much more than that, I was saving women’s lives.

“We know we have done our part to make this historic decision for human freedom a reality for our patients and their families.

“The real meaning of ‘family values’ is the freedom to choose your own life and values ​​with those you love.”

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Calls to end years of anti-abortion protests outside Birmingham Robert Clinic

Neighbors at a Birmingham abortion clinic say years of protests in their street have left residents feeling “miserable and helpless” and service users in tears. Complaints have been made against ‘pro-life’ activists handing out graphic leaflets, chanting and blocking access to women using the Robert Clinic in Kings Norton.

Birmingham City Council has launched a consultation to ban all anti-abortion protests near the Station Road facility by introducing a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO). According to the consultation documents, members of the anti-abortion group 40 Days for Life appear before the clinic twice a year in the fall and during Lent for 40 consecutive days each time, as well as twice a week. throughout the year.

The protests have reportedly led to verbal and, on occasion, physical clashes, with West Midlands Police recording an increase in anti-social behavior in the area. Neighbors also complained that upsetting leaflets were pushed through the doors, including one promoting abortion cancellation procedures, which is widely seen as an unproven and potentially dangerous form of treatment by British health officials.

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The group had already had a presence outside the Calthorpe Clinic in Edgbaston for nine years before it closed. Local resident Liz Bates is one of 60 neighbors to form the group ‘Reclaiming our Road’ which campaigns for the PSPO.

She told BirminghamLive: “This particular group is mostly silent, but they’re setting up chairs, kneeling in the street, showing off, sprinkling what we think is holy water and singing and praying in the street. People who live opposite can hear this from inside their homes.

Protesters outside the Robert Clinic in Kings Norton

“There were regular arguments and I often had to stop my car to broadcast clashes. Residents also had to comfort women leaving the clinic who were upset because of their interaction with these protesters.

“They are persistent and intrusive and they harass and intimidate women who access the clinic. I am only a local resident but I am very passionate about access to healthcare and have no barriers to that.

“My personal views are pro-choice, but in our group we have a range of views. We’re in a pretty unique position because we have an abortion clinic down the road and a Catholic church down the road. the other – but everyone in our group is united in our horror of people pushing their opinions on women in these circumstances.

“People get heated up a lot because it causes a lot of strong feelings. It’s a steady drip, drip with the protesters and then something blows up and there’s an incident – it’s always a very tense and we know it has caused tension in the local community.

“These protesters are not from this area and we believe this is our clinic and we will defend it and women’s right to access legal and safe healthcare.”

According to the consultation documents, the PSPO is proposed to address certain behaviors of members of pro-life and pro-choice groups. If approved, it would cover the area between Northfield Road, Beaumont Road, the A4040 Watford Road and Selly Oak Road.

The document reads: “The activities complained of relate to protesters who made their disapproval of clinic users, visitors and employees known by distributing leaflets, including leaflets with disturbing and graphic images, praying, chanting, singing hymns, harassing and bullying behaviors including blocking the path to the clinic approaching those entering the clinic, blocking the sidewalk, making their views known to anyone in in the proposed restricted area, including children, depriving those using the clinic of their ability to present themselves in confidence, without intimidation or judgment.

“The protests have led to verbal and sometimes physical clashes between protesters and other members of the public, including local residents. Local residents have reported the effect that protester activities and the presence of protesters have had on their quality of life, including not being able to enjoy their home and garden, having to explain the protesters’ presence and purpose to their own young children, and their mental health being affected by the continued presence of the protest at the outside their homes or while they go about their daily business Residents felt upset about the effect the protesters’ presence is having on those who use the clinic.

He goes on to say that “Police and PCSOs spend a lot of time on incidents related to protesters at the Robert Clinic and patrolling the area.” Staff and service users have complained about explicit signs, including one that says “don’t kill your baby”, with service users reporting feeling “emotional and scared” and crying.

An anonymous resident is recorded as saying: ” I could leave my curtains closed, not open my front door and not sit in my living room – then I wouldn’t have to see them, but why should I do that to protect my sanity! My living room is a lovely, sunny haven — and yet, for 80 days a year, I can’t sit in it without feeling miserable and helpless. They are there every day, even on weekends when the clinic is closed. »

A spokesperson for the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), which runs the clinic, said: “We support the introduction of PSPO and hope this can be done as soon as possible. We have had several groups present for a long time in outside of this particular clinic and we certainly have limited confidence that it will stop unless the council takes action.

“The protest is very upsetting for customers and locals alike. It’s been going on for so long now and it’s time the council intervened. This is not a silent vigil, it’s a tangible daily threat to our service .users and it’s upsetting for people to have to walk past.

“The mission statement of this group is to end abortion, and what we are clear about is that this is legal health care that women have a right to access. These demonstrations are an obstacle to accessing this care and can discourage people.”

BirminghamLive has contacted 40 Days For Life to comment on the proposed PSPO. The consultation runs from Monday April 4 to May 23, 2022. Readers can view the consultation documents here.

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Bromley mental health clinic was destroyed after inspectors discovered staff were not undergoing basic training

A mental health clinic in Bromley was destroyed after inspectors discovered staff were not undergoing basic training. Kent House Hospital was told it needed to improve after a critical review by care watchdog the Care Quality Commission.

The independent hospital provides care and treatment for young women and adolescent girls with serious mental disorders and complex behaviors. But inspectors were unhappy with the service and also made several critical comments about hygiene and staffing issues.

The hospital’s safety and training standards have been condemned by the CQC, which is the independent regulator for health and care services in the UK. The report states: “Staff failed to keep up to date with basic training to protect people from preventable harm… Managers failed to ensure that staff received specialist training for their role. .Nursing staff had not received training to work in psychiatric care for children and adolescent health services.”

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He adds, “Staff and young people said staffing was the biggest issue and a huge number of vacancies remained unfilled. to operate the service securely.

“Young people reported that there was no consistency with the staff – especially the night staff changing so often… One member of staff expressed concerns about staffing and said he there weren’t enough nurses and that there was a lot of pressure on nurses and assistants.”

The report later states, “The service failed to deploy enough qualified, skilled, competent and experienced personnel.” The physical examination room at the Orpington-based clinic was also not clean, according to the report. The inspectors wrote: “Staff did not always ensure that the premises were clean. The physical examination room was dirty. For example, the equipment was covered in dust, the staff had not used a clean stickers to show it was clean and the bin was overflowing Staff did not keep a cleaning log to ensure this room was cleaned regularly We immediately spoke to the supplier who said they would would clean up immediately.

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Another issue inspectors spotted was the seclusion rooms, which they said “did not fully comply with the Mental Health Act’s code of practice”. They add that in one of the bedrooms, the bathroom mirror was directly opposite the viewing panel, which meant staff could see if a youngster was sitting on the toilet. It took away “intimacy and dignity” from a youngster, according to the report.

Despite the overall rating of “needs improvement”, the hospital was rated “good” for the quality of its care. Examples cited included improving outdoor areas, with the yard having a gym, basketball court and garden space with plants and flowers. The report also states that “staff ensured that the young people had access to a high quality education throughout their time on the service. The on-site school was registered with Ofsted and classed as” outstanding” when last inspected in June 2021. Staff encouraged young people to attend school, and it was part of their recovery journey.”

A hospital spokesperson said: ‘We are working hard to make the improvements identified by the CQC, and hope to return the site to a ‘good’ rating as soon as possible. Since the inspection, we have improved the compliance of our staff training and have launched an additional education program specifically focused on caring for children and young people with autism.

“We have hired a new occupational therapist who offers a wider range of interventions for the young people in our care. We have also started an upgrade to the physical environment, and this project should be completed in the spring. recruiting challenges identified by inspectors, we review the salaries and benefits we provide to our staff. We also provided additional support to management to improve our governance processes.

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Botox Clinic Market Share is Expected to Grow at a Steady Rate in the Coming Period from 2022 to 2028: Aesthetics and Dermatology Center, Russak Dermatology Clinic, Wang Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa

The latest competent intelligence report released by WMR with the title "Rising Demand and Opportunities for Global Botox Clinics Market 2022» Provides a sorted picture of Botox Clinic industry by analyzing research and information gathered from various sources that has…

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Community memories: Marshall Public Library will have a COVID-19 vaccination clinic | Local

The country united states of americaUS Virgin IslandsU.S. Minor Outlying IslandsCanadaMexico, United Mexican StatesBahamas, Commonwealth ofCuba, Republic ofDominican RepublicHaiti, Republic ofJamaicaAfghanistanAlbania, People's Socialist Republic ofAlgeria, People's Democratic Republic ofAmerican SamoaAndorra, Principality ofAngola, Republic ofAnguillaAntarctica (the territory south of 60 degrees…

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School football team teams up with Lanarkshire Dental Clinic

Young football players at Woodside Elementary School in Hamilton have been outfitted with brand new strips for the coming year thanks to a Hamilton company.

The team look striking in their new red and black football kit courtesy of partners Borland and Morton Dental Care at 7 High Patrick Street, Hamilton.

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The youngsters will now take part in all future Hamilton and South Lanarkshire schools football team tournaments and will also continue their weekly training sessions after school.

Charlotte Officer, vice principal of Woodside Elementary School, thanked Borland and Morton.

She said Lanarkshire Live “Our school football team look fabulous in their beautiful new tapes which have been generously donated by Martin Allan, parent of a student at Woodside Elementary School and dental practice partner Borland and Morton.

“We are extremely grateful and appreciate the strips, their generosity and kindness – thank you all.”

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“I went for a medical check up at a wellness clinic in London – I was surprised to find an unnoticed health issue” – Rachael Davis

It’s too often that we can feel a little uneasy, like something’s wrong, but don’t bother going to our GP because it doesn’t seem like a big deal and isn’t worth the hassle. sadness. Likewise, we may go through life thinking that all is well, that headaches, bloating, fatigue, and other minor issues are just a part of life to be endured.

Located in a beautiful little street near Herne Hill station in south London is the London House of Wellbeing, a health clinic that aims to achieve optimal health through a preventative approach. They offer a whole range of health screening services, from vitamin D to gluten tolerance, from menopause to thyroid function all under one roof, with trained pharmacists who guide you through the process and give you all the information you need to live your healthiest life.

It opened in September 2020 and is run by an all-female team of pharmacists, aiming to “disrupt the UK healthcare industry, to encourage people to take a preventative approach to their health rather than a reactive approach.

The clinic offers affordable health screening tests from £25, with discounts applicable if you book multiple tests at once, and it also has a social mission to help disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the local community gain access to a free health screening by partnering with charities including Age UK Lambeth.

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“The London House of Wellbeing is cosy, relaxed and comfortable, not clinical at all, with retro pharmacy decor that makes it feel less like a medical practice and more a self-care treat”

I was invited to the London House of Wellbeing for a health MOT to see how healthy my body really is. So on a sunny Tuesday morning I hopped on a Thameslink to leafy Herne Hill for some simple tests to make sure everything is as it should be, and I didn’t really expect anything to come out of the ordinary.

I chose to do an iron test, a vitamin D test and a gluten test: iron and vitamin D deficiencies are quite common, the first particularly in women, and the second particularly in winter, and I was curious about my body’s tolerance to gluten.

When I arrived I was greeted by the lovely receptionist Rachael, who gave me a quick questionnaire to confirm my personal details and the tests I was taking. I then sat in the comfortable armchairs in the waiting room until the pharmacist Roma called me for my tests.

The London House of Wellbeing is warm, relaxed and cosy, not clinical at all, with retro pharmacy decor that makes it feel less like a doctor’s surgery and more like self-medicating.

Pharmacist Roma putting the samples on the test strips - they take about 10 minutes to develop
Pharmacist Roma putting the samples on the test strips – they take about 10 minutes to develop

In the small testing room, Roma went through a symptom checklist for each of the conditions I was being tested for. These included things like fatigue, pale skin, and headaches from iron deficiency; fatigue, depression and weakness due to vitamin D deficiency; and bloating, indigestion and unexpected weight loss for gluten intolerance. Once that was done, it was time to do the testing.

The tests themselves looked like Covid lateral flow tests, but they were done using drops of blood taken from my fingertips. Roma pricked my finger, which only hurt a little bit, and used a pipette to take the blood sample. The tests take about 10 minutes to develop, and I walked out of the testing room to find that Rachael had prepared a pot of green tea for me to sip while I waited.

Before long, it was time for the results. I took my cup of tea back to the testing room to discuss my results with Roma.

I'm about to discuss my test results...
I’m about to discuss my test results…

My vitamin D levels were found to be adequate, which was good news, and my gluten test was negative, so I can continue to eat bread as I please (well, everything in moderation).

Roma gave me lots of helpful information on what could be causing the symptoms that led me to think I might be gluten intolerant, suggesting that I keep a food diary to identify the things that make me feel gluten intolerant. bloated or give me indigestion and adjust my diet accordingly.

However, my iron test revealed that I was, in fact, iron deficient. This wasn’t terribly surprising, as I had been diagnosed with iron deficiency in the past, but I felt like the iron-rich multivitamin I took every morning kept my levels up as they should. There was finally an explanation for my headaches, fatigue and occasional dizziness – but I probably never would have known if I hadn’t had that precautionary check.

“The tests take about 10 minutes to develop, and I walked out of the testing room to find that Rachael had made me a pot of green tea to sip while I waited”

Roma advised me to take ferrous sulphate tablets from the pharmacy, which I did on the way home, to bring my iron levels back to normal. She also gave me some dietary advice: since I’m a pescatarian and red meat isn’t on the menu, she suggested I eat more leafy greens like kale and spinach, for example. I can then come back to the clinic in three months to do another blood test and see how I am doing.

I was given a results card to take with me which detailed the results of all my tests, and I was invited to sit down and finish my teapot in the comfortable clinic before heading home.

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Overall I was really impressed with my whole visit to London House of Wellbeing. My results showed how important preventative health care really is: I can now get ahead of my iron deficiency and nip it in the bud when I only have mild symptoms, and prevent it from getting worse. .

My tests would have cost £29 each if I had booked online, which is a rather small price to pay to ensure I am in good health. I never thought I’d go to the GP with my little headaches and fatigue, so if I hadn’t been tested it might have gotten worse.

Above all, a little health MOT is a good act of self-care, just like a day at the spa or a visit to the gym, which can be extremely beneficial, regardless of your age or health.

Now it’s time for a kale smoothie.

For more information about the London House of Wellbeing and to book a test, visit website.

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Mum leaves clinic with brand new body after £6,000 breast reduction gone wrong

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES Tiffany Mills claims the accidental procedure was touted as a ‘bonus’ surgery by hospital staff after her records were mixed up with those of another patient

Tiffany Mills says she woke up after surgery in the ‘worst pain of her life’

A mother who underwent breast reduction surgery got more than she bargained for after leaving with breast implants, tummy tuck and liposuction by mistake.

Tiffany Mills, of Tampa, Florida, says the accidental procedure was touted as a ‘bonus’ surgery by staff at a US West Coast clinic after her records were mixed up with those of a another patient.

She went to the clinic last year to have her 32F breasts reduced on November 2, after years of back pain due to their size.

When the mum-of-three woke up from her operation, she said she was left in the “worst pain of her life”.

Tiffany, a nurse, said: “I woke up in the absolute worst pain of my life. I was ineligible for abdominal surgery as I had no extra skin to pull.

Tiffany feared for her life after implants tore her skin


Kennedy News and Media)

“They had squeezed my skin too tight which meant I had a lot of scar tissue and I couldn’t stand up. My navel felt like a coin slot because I had been pulled as hard as I could.

“The incisions under my breasts opened completely due to the fact that they added implants, it was too heavy. It was the worst experience of my entire life.”

She was then rushed to hospital after the implants tore her skin, leaving her with open, oozing sores and blood clots in her lungs and legs, with doctors fearing she could have a heart attack. septic shock.

It was not until the day after the operation that the clinic admitted that they had accidentally performed the wrong operation.

She said: “I was convinced that I was just doing my boobs. Working in the medical field, I know that they would only mark the places where they perform procedures.

“I was so confused that there was a mix-up. They told me the whole team had made a mistake – they weren’t keeping surgical records, they weren’t checking their patients.

Tiffany was rushed to hospital after the implants tore her skin, leaving her with oozing and open sores


Kennedy News/Selena Farr)

Tiffany was horrified to find she had had implants, as well as a tummy tuck and liposuction


Kennedy News and Media)

“They had no idea what they were doing or on whom. They did this without my consent, I had no idea what was going on”

Two weeks later, Tiffany was admitted to hospital after the wounds under her chest became infected and blood clots were found in her lungs and legs.

She feared for her life as doctors feared she was going into septic shock.

Tiffany Mills with her three children – Elliot (left), Noah (top left) and Casey (right)


Kennedy News and Media)



Kennedy News and Media)

“I was terrified, because I have three children, and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be there for them,” Tiffany said.

“I was absolutely furious that the clinic was so negligent. I was in the hospital for four days and then sought treatment for my wounds for two months. I probably took about five different antibiotics before the infections go away.”

Tiffany has struggled to return to a normal life since the procedure, as she faced the financial fallout from her inability to work after the ordeal.

Tiffany remains ‘confused’ about how there was a mix-up


Kennedy News and Media)

“I managed to dispute the surgery charges with my bank and get the money back. The clinic is trying to fight it and claiming that’s what I asked for,” she said.

She had just had another surgery to correct part of the problem caused by doctors and said her ex-husband and partner vet assistant Kris Harper were helping where they could, with things like childcare.

She was still recovering, Tiffany said, from a second surgery to fix some of the problem caused, and she had been asked to consider scar revision treatment for the marks left under her breasts.

The clinic did not respond to a request for comment.

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