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Brighton councilors welcome plans for gender identity clinics

GREEN advisers have celebrated the news that the NHS is set to open a gender identity clinic in Sussex by the end of the year.

No fixed date for the launch of the clinic has yet been announced, but councilors in Brighton and Hove hope the move will help reduce NHS waiting times for trans people in the city.

Current figures reveal the waiting list at London’s gender identity clinic, closest to Brighton and Hove, stands at over 10,000 – with those referred facing waits of up to at five years old.

The news comes just weeks after a letter from Green councilors Hannah Clare and Steph Powell to the April meeting of the council’s Health Oversight and Review Committee, which called for a review of trans health care and a update on the opening of a gender identity clinic in the city.

Cllr Clare, who chairs the Children, Young People and Skills Committee, said: ‘I am really delighted that following a request from Green Councillors, NHS England has revealed its exciting plans.

“It will mean a lot to many people who have access to gender-affirming healthcare and I look forward to hearing more about the plans.

“It is all the more necessary as waiting times to access this type of health service remain high.

“In the meantime, we will continue to examine the state of health care for trans people in our city.”

Further details of the plans are expected to be revealed in July.

Cllr Powell, who co-chairs the Tourism, Equalities, Communities and Culture Committee, said: ‘Trans people are currently under constant attack in the press and online and the government’s recent announcement on conversion therapy is an extra move.

“We need to do more for our trans residents to help them feel safe and ensure they have the right access to healthcare.”

Advisors to the Health Oversight and Review Committee last week agreed on a report examining the state of trans healthcare, to be presented at the committee’s July meeting – due to take place the same week as the return of Trans Pride Brighton and Hove for its first in-person event in two years.

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