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Botox bandit mum and daughter fled beauty clinic without paying £500 bill

A beautician has become furious after two botox bandits fled her clinic without paying their £500 bill.

Business owner Jade Adams, 28, claims she was scammed by a scheming mother-daughter duo for treatments.


Jade Adams, 28, claims she was scammed by the mother-daughter duo for treatments1 credit
Sneaky duo booked into clinic for expensive fillers and botox but left without paying


Sneaky duo booked into clinic for expensive fillers and botox but left without paying1 credit

The scammers booked expensive lip fillers and botox at Jade Louise Aesthetics in Coventry on Monday, but never paid.

Jade explained that the slippery pair contacted her via Instagram to set up a date, but “apologized” when asked for a deposit.

The trusted beautician decided to continue with their treatments despite the fact that they had diverted a deposit.

The girl got her lips puffed up with putty before Jade claimed she faked a phone call so she could hang out.

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Her mother then took her turn, getting injected with botox and lip filler, before scarping herself as well.

They fled after enjoying £510 worth of treatments, leaving Jade, who has run the business for 18 months, in tears.

She said CoventryLive“It was two women, a mother and a daughter – at least they pretended to be a mother and a daughter – and booked via Instagram and kept postponing a deposit payment.

“The girl had her treatment first, she had a lip filler.

“Afterwards, she said she had to go out and call a manicurist her mom had an appointment with to tell her she was going to be late.

“Then the mom had her treatments – botox and lip filler.

“Afterwards, she said she just needed to go outside to catch her daughter because she had her phone.

“I didn’t think about it because she had left her coat on the chair.”

But after following the crafty customers outside, a horrified Jade realizes she’s been cheated.

I felt upset. That’s a lot of money to lose when running a business on your own. I think I will also make sure to take deposits.

Jade Adams

The 28-year-old continued: “Within 15 seconds she was gone. She had to run from my door to the end of the parking lot and was gone.

“I felt overwhelmed. That’s a lot of money to lose when you run a business on your own. I think I’ll make sure to take deposits as well.

“In the past, I’ve been very lenient. You don’t want to fire people.”

But luckily Jade had taken snaps of the older woman’s results – as she does with the majority of clients – and has now shared them online.

She posted a call on Facebook to find the culprits and says a number of people have contacted her, claiming they were also bitten by the couple.

The business owner added: “There is a silver lining.

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“I have a lot more business because people have seen the story, so I’m taking a positive from that.”

West Midlands Police have confirmed an allegation of theft has been reported.

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