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Beard begins renovation of Bath Clinic

The five-phase project will see three operating theaters at Circle Health Group’s Bath Clinic redeveloped and a fourth created from an existing endoscopy room. The associated recovery and anesthesia rooms will also be transformed.

There will also be new staff changing rooms and washing facilities, as well as a new roof to house the important infrastructure needed to power and operate the equipment in the new facilities.

The challenge for Beard is that three of the four operating rooms will still remain in use while the work is undertaken and that the entire project will run parallel to the clinical environment of the hospital.

Three of the theaters are in the basement of a two-story building with patient retrieval facilities on the top floor. Beard re-felted, insulated and refitted the corrugated iron roof above this building to accommodate the new infrastructure needed to operate the operating theaters and recovery areas below. This roof area will also house a new self-contained air heater unit as well as unique and isolated parallel feeds.

The facility will include several 300 tonne crane lifts as the control systems are lowered into place above the patient retrieval areas.

The project is currently in phase one, with phase zero seeing the conversion of the roof and installation of the system infrastructure and the stand-alone endoscopy unit converted into a fully-fledged operating theatre. The four remaining phases will now go through the conversion of the three existing operating theaters. Work is on track to be completed by July 2023.

Beard Swindon Director Jamie Harwood said: ‘To carry out this comprehensive refurbishment next to or above a clinical working environment is exceptionally difficult. But we are working with hospital staff and our contractors to make it happen. The end product will transform the operating environment and facilities for patients and staff at Bath Clinic. »

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