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A Southampton man broke into the Avenue Clinic in Bedford Place

A prolific burglar with a screwdriver has broken into the Avenue Clinic in Bedford Place, a court has heard.

Prosecution lawyer Amber Athill told how the 35-year-old ‘ransacked’ chiropractors, breaking into a safe and stealing around £ 300 in cash.

However, Southampton Crown Court has learned that Dixon has previously been convicted of burglary.

Dixon was caught on CCTV trying to break into Brazilian wax studio Sugarflick in Bedford Place twice in August last year and is already serving time in prison.

Appearing outside Southampton Crown Court on Thursday, Dixon, formerly of Millbrook Road West, was charged with one count of burglary.

Miss Athill recounted how Dixon wrote to the police while in detention to admit his most recent offense.

He also admitted to having committed a total of eleven similar burglaries.

Dixon has an extensive criminal record and was jailed in 2019 for breaking into an orthodontic clinic, also in Bedford Place.

On another occasion, he attempted to break into a hair salon in Oxford Street.

In defense, Susan Ridge said there had been a “history of abuse” within the Dixon family home and that he first appeared in court at the age of 13.

In addition, one of his brothers had committed suicide.

She went on to say that Dixon’s “substance use triggered a stroke when he was 18” and that he suffered from mild disabilities.

Nonetheless, he is said to have remorse for the burglary that occurred on August 23 of last year.

She pleaded for the judge to give her credit for her guilty plea.

Court clerk Mr Robin Sellers berated Dixon for his crime, saying it was a “major inconvenience” to the clinic. He imprisoned him for a total of 36 months.

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