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A 25-year-old cricketer had a heart attack at the clinic, then…”

Betu: A video of Betul of the MP is going viral on social media. Where the 25-year-old went to the clinic for treatment. As he sat there he had a major heart attack and fell. Because of this, he breathed 40 times in an hour and a half, but the doctor saved his life by becoming a god. This video would be from February 21. The entire incident was filmed by a CCTV camera installed at the hospital.

The 25-year-old cricketer, who lives in Amla in Betul, had been unaware of chest pains since the evening of February 21 and when he started experiencing unbearable pain at 11 p.m., the family carried him from emergency in a private hospital. The man was walking into reception and the doctor was also standing by reception and checking the phone. Because of this, the seated man fell to the ground. For this reason, the doctor started giving a cordial massage. About an hour and a half after the man arrived from reception in the intensive care unit, his breathing was 40 times.

Thanks to the efforts of the same doctors, the man was saved and he was discharged from the hospital. The family took him to Nagpur for better treatment. Where after the examination, 80% of the blockage was detected in his heart. The man underwent an angiogram. Family members say if it was too late, their young son could have died. Family members breathed a sigh of relief after the man recovered. Heart specialist Dr Shyam Soni said that on February 21, a man who is also a state level cricketer came for treatment. Sitting at the desk, he suffered a stroke and fell to the ground. Within an hour and a half, the person stopped breathing more than 40 times. Cardiac massage, an injection has been given then an electric shock, after which the person’s life was saved.

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