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Dental Washer/Washer Disinfector Market to Witness Significant Growth by 2028, with Key Players -Steelco SpA, Smeg Instruments, Steris, Miele, IC Medical GmbH, Getinge Infection Control, Franke M…

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Lincolnshire clinic hopes to ease pressure on NHS with state-of-the-art technology

A clinic in Lincolnshire hopes to help relieve pressure on the NHS through the use of the county’s only open MRI scanner.

Staff at the new Sleaford branch of MSK Doctors hope their host of modern equipment, sourced from around the world, will help ease the pressure on the NHS.

Opened in December, the private London Road clinic has a range of technologies typically used to treat professional athletes.

Prof Paul Lee, the clinic’s medical director and lower extremity specialist, told Lincolnshire Live there were substantial benefits to assessing patients in an open MRI scanner compared to the traditional doughnut-shaped machine.

Unlike standard scanners, which require patients to remain still, the clinic’s MRI scanner can capture patients in motion as part of a new and growing branch of medicine called motion dynamics.

Professor Lee said: “We want to assess how people move.

“The branch of medicine that we are looking at, which is quite new, is called movement dynamics.

“Traditionally, when people are X-rayed, they’re still lying down, and the joint doesn’t look too bad when you’re still.

“We can watch people when they’re standing, but people aren’t standing all day, they’re walking, so we want to imagine you when the joint is moving and causing the problem.”

According to upper extremity specialist, Mr Alun Yewlett, it would also reduce the waiting time for patients as it would speed up diagnosis.

He said: “Historically, most MRI scans were static images, but none of our athletes’ problems were static.

“It’s obvious when you say it, but it’s not something that’s been looked at.

“You can scan a static image and not see a problem.

“The benefit of being able to see movement is that it allows you to get that information that historically needed to be obtained through invasive treatments.

“You can also get the diagnosis very quickly and make the right patient decisions.

“It doesn’t matter how good the treatment is – if you get the diagnosis wrong, it doesn’t matter.”

Mr. Yewlett and Professor Lee stand in the athletic assessment room. Now MSK House, the building was once a driving range.

The clinic also uses equipment that tests patients’ balance, usually reserved for high-level athletes.

Professor Lee explained: “It’s usually used by elite athletes – they have one at West Ham and one at Chelsea.

“He looks at how quickly people can move from side to side.

“We’ll have people jump on it and jump, then you can see which leg they’re putting the most force on, and from there we can assess if there are any issues in the joints.

“We treat very different people with this equipment. Athletes are normally between 16 and 25 years old, and the emphasis is on 0.2 milliseconds of movement.

“But with someone who needs a joint replacement, the age group is usually between 60 and 90.

“We’re not looking at 0.2 milliseconds, we’re looking at what they can do in five seconds – if they can stand up, that sort of thing.

“It’s the same equipment but on a different scale.

“There is no other installation like this, apart from Harley Street in London.”

Professor Lee is holding a leg brace.
Professor Paul Lee with a collection of specialist braces.

The team chose Sleaford as the location for their second clinic because they found it easy for anyone to get there from all over Lincolnshire.

The professor said: “Sleaford is a growing town – there are many, many houses coming up.

“But the main reason is that Sleaford is right in the middle of Lincolnshire.

“It doesn’t take long for people in Lincoln, Grantham or Boston to get there.

“Whatever, our patients are going to have to drive. If the clinic was in the center of Lincoln, then people would be asked to walk when they might not be able to.

“It will also allow people to stay in Lincolnshire for their treatment, and the money will be recycled in Lincolnshire rather than Nottingham or London.”

MSK doctors.
The clinic is on London Road, Sleaford. Left to right: Mr Yewlett, Professor Lee, Clinical Assistant Daisy Price and Practice Leader Bethan Lee.

Prof Lee and Mr Yewlett also work for the NHS and do not intend the clinic to replace a GP’s clinic.

“We are looking at different things for the NHS,” Prof Lee said.

“The NHS is there for us and for any big issue they are absolutely essential.

“We’re both working on it and we both believe in it, but at the same time they can’t offer much – it’s impossible for them to give everyone a half-hour slot because the population is too important.

“By doing this, we want to take the pressure off the NHS by providing a specialist service that a patient can access quickly, as well as MRI scans.

“There’s a pretty big queue for MRI scans, so if they want they can take the scan here and move on to the treatment.”

The building was once better known as Birdie’s Driving Range, before it closed in 2019.

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Top dentist warns of hidden dangers of flying abroad for cosmetic dental work

A leading dentist has warned of the risks faced by thousands of Britons traveling abroad in search of a better smile.

Tens of thousands of British residents are flocking to hotspots such as Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine and Spain to get dental procedures at a fraction of the price it costs at home.

However, for many it can backfire, with a range of risks that could leave patients with crippling bills and substandard treatments.

Dr. Honar Shakir, from leading private dental practice Ban dental group, told the Daily Star: “Dental tourism has been on the rise for several years as UK patients believe they can perfect their smiles cheaply abroad.

Dr. Honar Shakir belongs to leading private dental company Banning Dental Group

“However, traveling for treatment carries a range of inherent risks, from a lack of regulation to sloppy procedures.

“Many clinics overseas don’t have to meet the same hygiene and training standards as we do in the UK, so you can’t always be sure you’re in safe hands.

“There may also be a lack of proper aftercare and adjustment, which is vital for major dental work, so you may not get the results promised. And the result might not last as long as expected.

“It can be tempting to let the cost of procedures like veneers or orthodontic work dictate where you choose to have them done, but that can end up being a false economy and an orthographic disaster for your teeth.”

Patient in a dentist's office
He says Britons could face crippling bills and substandard treatment abroad

Dental tourism is the term given to the practice of flying abroad for dental care, whether it is a routine job or a cosmetic procedure.

It has grown in popularity over the past decade – from 48,000 patients in 2014 to 144,000 in 2016 according to the latest figures.

Popular destinations for Britons are Turkey, Hungary, Spain, Greece, Ukraine and Slovakia.

Often patients will pay for a package that includes flights and accommodation as well as the procedure itself.

However, a lack of regulation and monitoring can leave patients with substandard work that they then have to have corrected at home, leading to spiraling bills and months of suffering.

Dr. Shakir said it was important to consider all factors when deciding where to get treatment, not just price.

He added: “Some people may think the cost of home dental work is too high and therefore they look for cheaper options.

“However, price shouldn’t be the only consideration when it comes to your health.

“Clinics in the UK must subscribe to the highest standards of hygiene and care, and the reason it might be cheaper to go overseas for treatment is that overseas clinics don’t necessarily have to meet the same standards.

“It’s important to do your research on who will be performing your treatment and weigh the possible benefits and risks to make sure you are completely comfortable with your decision. Some treatments need biological time to work, such as dental implants placed in the bone. Rushing such procedures during the holidays can lead to devastating health issues”

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Vaping Clinic offers service to help smokers in Lanarkshire quit for good

A vaping retailer with stores in Lanarkshire has launched a valuable new service to help people quit smoking for good.

The VPZ Vape Clinic service is now available across the company’s business area, offering smokers looking to transform their health and well-being in the new year a dedicated one-on-one consultation with vaping specialists to help them take the first step in their life. stop smoking travel.

The Vape Clinic was introduced to meet the growing demand for stop smoking services, as access to local stop smoking services and vape retailers has been massively reduced during pandemic shutdowns, leaving thousands of smokers without any services to help them quit.

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With around 78,000 people in the UK dying from smoking each year and many more suffering from debilitating smoking-related illnesses, the Vape Clinic is designed to help smokers across the country quit for good and give them the chance to start. to transform their lives. health in 2022.

VPZ’s confidence in the success of the Vape Clinic service is backed by its customer promise to provide a money back guarantee for purchased hardware and all unopened boxes of e-liquids and coils if customers are unable to switch entirely to vaping.

The initiative is available nationwide across all VPZ stores in the UK, further enhancing the level of customer service and expert advice to its clientele.

Doug Mutter, director of VPZ, said Lanarkshire Live “As the UK’s leading vaping specialist, we are spearheading the fight against the country’s number one killer, smoking.

“We are proud to have our Vape Clinic service accessible across our retail domain to give smokers the support they need to quit and help the country regain its momentum towards becoming a smoke-free nation. 2030.

“Smoking statistics have unfortunately continued to rise as the pandemic has triggered rising smoking rates and the public health problem has been compounded by cuts in funding to NHS smoking cessation services and health groups. local support.

Doug added: “Our Vape Clinic concept is an investment in filling the void left by the loss of local NHS smoking cessation services.

“We’re so confident in the success of our new service that we’re offering our customers a money-back guarantee if they can’t make the switch entirely.”

A report from the Royal College of Physicians Tobacco Advisory Group supports vaping as an effective treatment for tobacco dependence and recommends that it be included and encouraged in all treatment pathways.

He also found that the long-term impact of vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

Doug said: “Our approach is different and has been proven to help quit smoking time and time again.

“We specialize in listening to each client’s needs, educating them, providing knowledge, support and advice and understanding that each client is unique and requires a personalized approach to successfully quit smoking.”

VPZ Vape Clinic is open seven days a week, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., to all customers who book a free 30-minute appointment; find your nearest clinic in line

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The Covid vaccination clinic will reopen tomorrow after being closed for two days

A vaccination clinic will reopen tomorrow after being closed for two days due to low bookings.

The clinic at the Citadel Leisure Center in Ayr will reopen on Saturday for residents to roll up their sleeves.

A drop-in will also be available for Ayr residents on Saturday with a walk-in clinic also open on Sunday at Troon’s Walker Hall.

The shots were scrapped Thursday and Friday with dozens of empty appointment slots.

Health officials say relevant appointments have been rescheduled for Saturday and clinics will take place next week.

Lynne McNiven, director of public health at NHS Ayrshire & Arran, said: “This decision was made because only a small number had booked into clinics and the venue is also holding vaccinations on January 12 and 15, allowing the postponement of relevant appointments.

“We apologize to everyone involved for any inconvenience caused.

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“Ayr residents wishing to be vaccinated against COVID-19 without an appointment can do so at the Citadel on Saturday 15th January or at Walker Hall in Troon on Sunday 16th January.

“Thank you to everyone who shows up for their vaccinations and supports this important public health program.”

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Global Dental Management Software Market Size 2022-2028, By Types, Applications and Major Key Players – Qiezzi, Linkedoare, Dentalink, Zhumei, Curve Dental – Industrial IT

The recent report on "Dental Management Software Market Report 2022 by Key Players, Types, Applications, Countries, Market Size, Forecast to 2028 » Offered by Credible markets, includes a comprehensive survey of geographic landscape, industry size as well as estimated company…

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