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A Threat to Life

A Threat to Life

The Impact of Climate Change on Japan's Biodiversity

An exciting and provocative book has just been released about the impact of climate change on biological diversity. The book, originally published in Japanese in 1997, is a collection of papers by Japanese scientists about the effects of climate change they observed in their areas of expertise.

A Threat to Life was compiled in order to focus attention on the interrelationship between climate change and biodiversity at a time when discussions were centering on numerical emissions targets for the UNFCCC COP3 in Kyoto, Japan. Biodiversity Network Japan (an IUCN member) and IUCN organized four symposia leading up to COP3 which examined the influences of climate change on biodiversity. This book is a product of these symposia.

The book is edited by Ms. Akiko Domoto, Vice President of IUCN, Dr. Kunio Iwatsuki, Steering Committee Member of the Species Survival Commission of IUCN, Dr. Takeo Kawamichi and Dr. Jeffrey McNeely, IUCN Chief Scientist.



- Contents -

Foreward Jeffrey McNeely,

Preface Akiko Domoto

Section I.Toward a Biospheric Approach --At the Intersection of the Two Rio Conventions

Chapter 1 Creating Synergy in Environmental Policy: Bridging the Gaps between the Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Convention on Biological Diversity /Akiko Domoto

Chapter 2 Global Climate Change and Biodiversity /Richard B. Primack

Section II.An Overview of Climate Change --From the Past to the Future

Chapter 3 Projections Concerning Global Warming, /Hiroshi Nirasawa

Chapter 4 Greenhouse Gas Emission Scenarios /Tsuneyuki Morita, Mikiko Kainuma and Yuzuru Matsuoka

Chapter 5 Ecosystems and the Carbon Cycle, /Takehisa Oikawa

Chapter 6 Influence of Decreased Snowfall due to Warming Climate Trends on the Water Quality of Lake Biwa, Japan, /Hiroji Fushimi

Chapter 7 Sudden Global Warming and Sea Level Change in Holocene Japan, /Arata Momohara

Chapter 8 Recent Changes in Glacial Phenomena in the Nepalese Himalayas, /Hiroshi Fushimi

Section III.The Impact of Global Warming on Flora and Fauna

Chapter 9 How Will Communities of Alpine Plants be Affected by Global Warming?, /Takehiro Masuzawa

Chapter 10 Aquatic Plants at Risk, /Yasuro Kadono

Chapter 11 Warming and Japanese Seagrasses, /Keiko Aioi and Yuji Omori

Chapter 12 The Impact of Global Warming on Insects, /Hidenori Ubukata

Chapter 13 Global Warming and Alpine Moths in Raised Bogs in Eastern Hokkaido, /Masahiko Nakatani

Chapter 14 Global Warming and Forest Insect Pests: An Example from Hokkaido, /Kenji Fukuyama

Chapter 15 What Will Happen to Marine Organisms in the Future?, /Masayuki M.Takahashi

Chapter 16 Global Warming and Coral Reefs, /Kiyoshi Yamazato

Chapter 17 Potential Impacts of Global Warming on Freshwater Ecosystems in Japan, /Hiromi Kobori

Chapter 18 The Influence of Global Warming on Fish, /Seiichi Mori

Chapter 19 The Impact of Global Warming on Sea Turtles, /Naoki Namezaki

Chapter 20 What Will Happen to the Birds?, /Nobuo Takeshita and Masayuki Kurechi

Chapter 21 Can Pikas on High Mountains Survive the Greenhouse Effect?, /Takeo Kawamichi

Chapter 22 Global Warming and Increases in Human Infectious Diseases, /Takayuki Ezaki

Chapter 23 Global Warming and the Dynamics of Biodiversity, /Kunio Iwatsuki

Postscript Global Warming and Biodiversity: The Situation in Japan, /Harafumi Nishida

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