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A Threat to Life

A Threat to Life

The Impact of Climate Change on Japan's Biodiversity


堂本暁子・岩槻邦男・川道武男・Jeffrey McNeely 編 / 築地書館


- Contents -

Foreward Jeffrey McNeely,

Preface Akiko Domoto

Section I.Toward a Biospheric Approach --At the Intersection of the Two Rio Conventions

Chapter 1 Creating Synergy in Environmental Policy: Bridging the Gaps between the Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Convention on Biological Diversity /Akiko Domoto

Chapter 2 Global Climate Change and Biodiversity /Richard B. Primack

Section II.An Overview of Climate Change --From the Past to the Future

Chapter 3 Projections Concerning Global Warming, /Hiroshi Nirasawa

Chapter 4 Greenhouse Gas Emission Scenarios /Tsuneyuki Morita, Mikiko Kainuma and Yuzuru Matsuoka

Chapter 5 Ecosystems and the Carbon Cycle, /Takehisa Oikawa

Chapter 6 Influence of Decreased Snowfall due to Warming Climate Trends on the Water Quality of Lake Biwa, Japan, /Hiroji Fushimi

Chapter 7 Sudden Global Warming and Sea Level Change in Holocene Japan, /Arata Momohara

Chapter 8 Recent Changes in Glacial Phenomena in the Nepalese Himalayas, /Hiroshi Fushimi

Section III.The Impact of Global Warming on Flora and Fauna

Chapter 9 How Will Communities of Alpine Plants be Affected by Global Warming?, /Takehiro Masuzawa

Chapter 10 Aquatic Plants at Risk, /Yasuro Kadono

Chapter 11 Warming and Japanese Seagrasses, /Keiko Aioi and Yuji Omori

Chapter 12 The Impact of Global Warming on Insects, /Hidenori Ubukata

Chapter 13 Global Warming and Alpine Moths in Raised Bogs in Eastern Hokkaido, /Masahiko Nakatani

Chapter 14 Global Warming and Forest Insect Pests: An Example from Hokkaido, /Kenji Fukuyama

Chapter 15 What Will Happen to Marine Organisms in the Future?, /Masayuki M.Takahashi

Chapter 16 Global Warming and Coral Reefs, /Kiyoshi Yamazato

Chapter 17 Potential Impacts of Global Warming on Freshwater Ecosystems in Japan, /Hiromi Kobori

Chapter 18 The Influence of Global Warming on Fish, /Seiichi Mori

Chapter 19 The Impact of Global Warming on Sea Turtles, /Naoki Namezaki

Chapter 20 What Will Happen to the Birds?, /Nobuo Takeshita and Masayuki Kurechi

Chapter 21 Can Pikas on High Mountains Survive the Greenhouse Effect?, /Takeo Kawamichi

Chapter 22 Global Warming and Increases in Human Infectious Diseases, /Takayuki Ezaki

Chapter 23 Global Warming and the Dynamics of Biodiversity, /Kunio Iwatsuki

Postscript Global Warming and Biodiversity: The Situation in Japan, /Harafumi Nishida

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