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Catastrophic Disaster and Biodiversity

Aug 22, 2012

photo by BDNJ

On March 11, 2011, Japan suffered a catastrophic disaster.A variety of rescue activities in response to the disaster and accident were initiated and reconstruction of damaged areas is still underway. In response to the catastrophe, the Biodiversity Network Japan initiated a survey meeting , then held an urgent symposium on July 10, 2011, at Chiba University under the general title of ‘Catastrophic Disaster and Biodiversity.’ The symposium was well attended, and a report, in Japanese, was issued in February, 2012, under the same title ‘Catastrophic Disaster and Biodiversity.’(more....)

Mainstreaming Biodiversity into Business − a Japanese perspective Summary of a symposium on business and biodiversity, February 2007, Tokyo, JAPAN

May 22, 2007

photo by BDNJ

Biodiversity Network Japan organized a symposium on business and biodiversity in February 2007, in Tokyo. The event convened representatives from the business, government, academia and NGOs. Mr. Nicolas Bertrand, the focal point for business at the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) also delivered a keynote address. The event created an unprecedented opportunity for participants to showcase different perspectives on the business cases for biodiversity. This publication is a summary of this symposium. (download)


Invasive Alien Species and Pest Control in Florida, U.S.A (July 12-22, 2005, Florida U.S.A)

July 30, 2005

photo by Kaneda masato

Raccoon (Procyon lotor), which is designated as one of the targeted species under the Invasive Alien Species Act in Japan, is under management in the US, its country of origin, due to its harmful behavior to other endangered species. BDNJ dispatched a study mission to the Florida, US to see the situation and learn the invasive species problem and the counter measures taken there. A debriefing session of the mission is scheduled to be held in September.(Photo Galley)




International Conference on Assessment and control of biological invasion risks (August 26-29, 2004, Yokohama, Japan)

March 17, 2004

Biological invasion is an irreversible process. Contaminated chemicals in the environment will be decomposed after several years, however invaded organisms reproduce themselves and persist almost for ever. New invading organisms will change the nature of forests, rivers and lakes in the future. In this conference we will discuss the assessment and control of the biological invasion risks as basic and applied sciences. The development of community ecology is necessary to predict invasion. Cost reduction and feasibility is required in many eradication programs. We need to design good social mechanisms (e.g. law, indemnification, authentication, and education.) to control invasion risks. This is the first international conference in biological invasion held in East Asia, and case studies in East Asia will be compiled. (more...)

'Business & Biodiversity' Launched in Tokyo

October 22, 2003

As part of the Global Roundtable of the UNEP Finance Initiatives currently taking place in Tokyo, Biodiversity Network Japan (BDNJ), IUCN and Earthwatch officially launched the Japanese edition of Business & Biodiversity - The Handbook for Corporate Action. "I would not be the first to admit that awareness of biodiversity is still very low in relation to other key issues" said David Hillyard, Head of Corporate Programmes, Earthwatch Europe, at the launch. "We hope that this book will stimulate further companies to take action on biodiversity in Japan" pursued Naoya Furuta, BDNJ. Published in 2002 with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the Handbook provides the business case for integrating biodiversity into corporate management.

Download the handbook UNEP FI IUCN

BDNJ at the Vth World Parks Congress in Durban, South Africa

September 18, 2003

The Vth IUCN World Parks Congress was held from 8 to 17 September 2003 in Durban, South Africa. Biodiversity Network Japan (BDNJ) participated at the Congress showcasing its activities on invasive species, global warming and business and biodiversity etc. (more...)
The Vth World Parks Congress

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