On March 11, 2011, Japan suffered a catastrophic disaster. A huge and
overpowering earthquake and tsunami in the Tohoku District and the collapse of the
atomic power station in Fukushima inflicted critical problems on the Japanese
archipelago. A variety of rescue activities in response to the disaster and accident were
initiated and reconstruction of damaged areas is still underway. A critical review of the
disaster and the accident has been undertaken and is continuing to this day, with the
expectation that appropriate measures will be put in place to avert further, similar

In response to the catastrophe, the Biodiversity Network Japan initiated a survey
meeting , then held an urgent symposium on July 10, 2011, at Chiba University under the
general title of eCatastrophic Disaster and Biodiversity.f The symposium was well
attended, and a report, in Japanese, was issued in February, 2012, under the same
title eCatastrophic Disaster and Biodiversity.f

Most of the topics dealt with in the symposium were not restricted to the
Japanese Archipelago, but were considered in a global context. Several articles in this
report are, therefore, to be translated into English in the expectation that they will have a
wider circulation of ideas. Some articles have already been prepared in English, as shown
below. Additional articles are also quite interesting in view of their global conspectus, but
are difficult to translate quickly into any foreign language because of the extensive
background necessary for understanding the views discussed within them. It is a pity that
the Biodiversity Network Japan is unable to offer here the full text of the report in English,
but expects to eventually translate all the articles so that they may be more widely

The Biodiversity Network Japan thanks the collaborators who provided
translations. The articles are issued in typical Japanese style and have been difficult to
translate. The collaborators in translation are Mr.Takahashi Mitsuhiko.


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